Monday, 11 June 2012

Add some Decadence to your life...

Hello Ladies,

As I'm sure you are all aware, tanning season is upon us. It's always been a challenge for fair skin ladies like myself. I'd never really had much luck with false tan. The colour was either way too dark, or it came out orange, and then there was the smell... that was the one thing that put me off tan and embrace the pale. Every so often though, I would look with envious eyes at all the beautifully bronzed ladies walking around. I could never find a tan that gave me exactly what I wanted... Until now.

Enter 'Decadence Tan'

Decadence Tan is the brainchild of the lovely Kassy Lucas, she has worked in the beauty industry for over 13 years, and opened her own beauty salon in 2005. Decadence is a natural and organic based formula , it's packed with skin conditioning and smoothing ingredients. The best part is the mixture of aromatic orange and bergamont oils means you don't have that funky self tan odour to contend with!

So, I gave this a really good trial run, I exfoliated and moisturised before use, and I got to work with my tan mitt! It's a spray bottle, which is incredibly easy to use. It's tinted which is perfect for guide application, and it smells heavenly.

As you can see it gives a lovely healthy glow, which develops nicely over a few hours, of course you can build to achieve your desired effect. There really is no horrible smell which seals the deal for me. It wears beautifully, I'm on day 5 and still going strong!

Where can you buy this wonder product? Well my lovely friend Anita over at or you can also find her on Twitter @anitabeautyblog is stocking it!

You can buy the tan on its own for €14.99 or you can buy the tan and the eliminator for the bargain price of €28! The tan eliminator is on my list, I hear it's another incredible Decadence product! I will let you know how I get on with that!

So that's it ladies, I hope you enjoyed my adventure with
Decadence Tan!
Let me know if you try it!
Share some of your tanning secrets below...
Until next time

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  1. Replies
    1. More than you LOVE me? :P it's fab, I'm delighted with it :)

  2. This is really timely, I was about to ask on twitter if anyone knows of any good tans for pale people like myself! Dark tans just don't suit me and like you I hate the smell of most of them. Must give this a go! Great post!xx

    1. Aww I had good timing so! There's not once person I've spoken to that hasn't fallen in love! Perhaps a little pre wedding glow for you? ;) x

    2. Definitely need some pre wedding glow! At the moment I'm using the rimmel wash off one like a total cheapskate. It'd be nice to get a natural looking one like this that lasts 5 days. I'm getting a spray tan for the wedding..for the very first time!! Eeep! Will of course have a trial first though :-)

    3. Ohhh exciting! Let me know how that goes! You know for a bride to be you need that Liz Earle brightening treatment in your life! It's my holy Grail product ;) x

  3. a tan that doesnt stink to high heaven :) its truley a miracle :) love the packaging too :)

    1. I know, it's really... Decadent looking lol. It's a beautiful product. Smell is a huge factor for me when it comes to tan :) This is amazing!