Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Elemis Vs. This Works: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Hey ladies,

I hope you're well. I have a battle of the deep sleep spray's for you today! I had never been a particularly bad sleeper until recently when I began having steroid injections for my Tendonitis. I'm not so good with steroids, I can't sleep, and then the OCD starts to kick in which leads to me re-organising my makeup collection or cleaning the house at 4 in the morning. Even with the sleeping tablets my doctor had prescribed to combat that, they didn't help much. 

Que advice from the ever fabulous Chloe over at NurseFancyPants who mentioned the great things This Works Deep Sleep Spray had done for her, and kindly offered to send me a spare bottle she had to try it. Whilst I was gutting and redecorating my room (another terrific idea I'd had whilst trying to find sleep) I came across a bottle of the Elemis Quite Mind spray which is supposed to have a similar effect, and thusly the battle of the sleep spray's began!

So up first is the Elemis Quiet Mind Spray. I have to be honest straight off the bat and say, the smell of this is incredibly cloying. You would nearly need to spray it and come back 45 minutes later when it's calmed down, but even then it's very strong. It contains lavender, eucalyptus, patchouli, all to promote a quite mind and good nights sleep, neither of which seemed to befall me when I used it. But, to be fair to the product, I have used it when I'm over the affects of the steroids and it's ok, nothing to write home about. It is disappointing. Not what I have come to expect from Elemis, which is unfortunate. I'll continue to use it until I finish the bottle of course, but I doubt there'll be any miracles!

My little miracle product, the This Works - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray! My first experience with This Works was when I picked up 2 incredible candles in TK Maxx: the Petitgrain & Jasmine and the Vetivert & Lavender, both of which smell amazing! I had read about the Deep Sleep Candle, but had never heard of the spray until Chloe mentioned it to me. As I said above she was super generous in sending me her spare bottle so, that night and almost every night since I have been using this on my pillow, and my, my This Works (see what I did there?!) an absolute treat! I can happily report that there was no re-organising my nail polish collection at stupid o'clock in the morning! It contains essential oils of lavender, camomile and Vetivert to soothe the body and mind! Addie went through a bit of a growth spurt recently which meant she wasn't sleeping that well so I used this on her pillow and it did the trick too, so I can say with confidence that this is a terrific little product!

All in all, the This Works - Deep Sleep Spray far surpasses the Elemis Quite Mind. I am absolutely enamoured with it, I actually received a back up spray in a goodie bag at the opening of the Space NK Apothecary last week, which is terrific. Another plus myself and the lovely Chloe were discussing was that no matter how much you spray it, it seems to last forever, always a huge bonus when you happen to be a little bit in the actual love with a product right?!

So, that's it for now ladies!
I hope you've enjoyed!
What are your thoughts on sleep sprays?
Are you a fan?!
As always, let me know below!
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  1. Anonymous24 June, 2014

    I'm a big fan of the This Works. Find it really good to help when you are stressed and just need a deep good nights sleep. It does sound too good to be true but by god it's not!

    1. And thank god it's not! I'd be lost without it :) x

  2. Thanks for this review, it's been super helpful!

  3. Has to be elemis all day long!

  4. I am a member of there testing group, I applied through http://www.freestuffbaby.co.uk/free-elemis-skin-cleanser-toner/ and been getting samples every few months.