Monday, 23 April 2012

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadows

Hey ladies!

I was pondering what to blog about, when I saw Sarah's room tour. Sarah is someone I've recently been chatting to on twitter. She's an Irish blogger/YouTuber just like me! I'll link her Twitter and YouTube at the end of the post. I noticed that she had the Urban Decay Anniversary palette, and that gave me the idea to do this post.

I am a self confessed Urban Decay junkie. I have never bought anything from Urban Decay I haven't loved. I have quite a substantial palette collection and a wide range of other product. UD eyeshadow are my love. I haven't found any other brand of eyeshadow that matches up to the high standard of UD.

This post is about their 'Deluxe Shadows'

There are 15 shades in the Deluxe Collection, which are shown above. I have to admit I was immediately drawn to the packaging. All 15 shadows have individual designs, it just embodies everything I adore about Urban Decay, it's such a fun, funky brand that stands out from the crowd.

So, whats so special about these eyeshadow? Apart from the amazing packaging, these shadow are just incredible. The creamy formula is silky to the touch and they blend beautifully and with minimum effort. The colours range from vibrant brilliance to the most exquisite nudes.

Isn't the packaging incredible??

Once again my camera has failed to show the pigment but the swatches say it all!
on top are: Heat, Ransom, Shag.
bottom: Zero, Peace.

Peace, Zero, Shag, Heat and Ransom.

On top: Sting, Fishnet, Honey
Bottom: Freakshow, Scratch.

Sting, Fishnet, Honey, Fishnet, Scratch

On top: Ruthless, Graffiti, Underground
Bottom: Frigid, Adore.

Underground, Ruthless, Graffiti, Frigid, Adore.

The colour payoff on these is spectacular and the pictures really do not do them justice. I cant stress enough how incredible these shadows are.

So that's it for now, I really hope you enjoyed.
Let me know if you have tried any of the deluxe shadows!
See you next time lovelies

Sarah's Twitter: @Adoreabubbles
YouTube: adoreabubbles

She's pretty fantastic... Go check her out!


  1. The packaging looks gorgeous for these! I was given the deluxe shadow box palette for my birthday so I have a few of these, the colours are gorgeous and really good quality. x

  2. I know, I'm in love :) Thanks for reading hun xxx

  3. Ohhhh I want some of these I only have the two naked palettes I really want to try more of their products specially after this review! Where do you order your Nars products? Xox

    1. I have the deluxe palette too, I don't really use it if you would like to give them a go you can have it :) it's been used a couple of times but you're more than welcome to it. I get my NARS products from brown Thomas. :)

  4. Really?! I would love to try it out. I will pay you for it! Just let me know how much. Ohhh thanks so much xxx