Monday, 9 December 2013

Jo Malone London - Vanilla & Anise

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all well! We have a first timer up for review on the blog today, Jo Malone - Vanilla & Anise. My love affair with Jo Malone began a few years ago on an aimless stroll through the beauty hall of Brown Thomas. It was one of those days when I had a rare free couple of hours to just browse. Originally I had intended to make my routine stop at the Tom Ford counter to peruse the Private Blend fragrances, when a lady breezed passed me smelling heavenly. I politely inquired as to what fragrance she was wearing and she told me her sister had bought it for her, Jo Malone but she could not recall the name. I finished things with Tom (Ford) immediately and headed straight for the Jo Malone counter, where I must have spent at least 45 minutes breathing in every scent that sounded remotely appealing to me, and that's where my addiction began.

I have a list (as most beauty bloggers tend to have) and on this list, are a number of fragrances I need to purchase from Jo Malone. Top of that list was Vanilla & Anise. It had been quite a while since I last smelled a perfume that I just had to have, that made a lasting impression on me. I found this particular one in BT's Galway on a shopping trip with tots, I knew there and then that I had to have this. A real sign that a fragrance is meant for me, is when I cannot stop sniffing my wrist, and that's how it was with this.

Vanilla & Anise achieves its cool atmosphere through a very clean opening of Neroli, which is quite dry and long lasting in the initial dry down of the fragrance. The tuberose and frangipani are held back making way for the incredible opulence of the orchid - vanilla combination, which pulls everything together very precisely in a way that only Jo Malone can seem to do. It's extremely understated and yet somehow manages to still be very, very elegant. Vanilla & Anise by name to me conjors up a vision of a cosy winters night by fire, and the scent of the fragrance itself makes it the perfect accompaniment to do just that.

I think this has the potential to be the perfect unisex scent, its not too spicy, not sweet or foody. Men as well as women will appreciate the crisp, elegant depth of this intoxicating scent. It has absolute pride of place in my perfume collection right now and will do for the foreseeable future. Any Jo Malone fragrance would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone special, the bottle itself comes beautifully presented in a gift box, with a perfect little ribbon wrapped around it. If you are stuck for gift ideas for him or her I would definitely recommend a little visit to your local Jo Malone counter!

That's it for now ladies!
I hope you enjoyed!
What are your thoughts on Jo Malone?
Have you any favourites or recommendations for me?
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  1. I am dying to try some Jo Malone fragrances, the red roses and grapefruit scents are top on my list :) x

    1. Everything is so beautiful! It's difficult not to want them all :) x