Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Looking For an Alternative to Bioderma? Ziaja Have You Covered with Ziaja Micellar Waters!

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all well! I have something for you today that will make your life a lot easier when it comes to cleansing, Ziaja Micellar Waters. Micellar Waters have recently become the weapon of choice when it comes to removing makeup, and for good reason. We're all looking for the most effective, hassle free way to remove our makeup at the end of each day and Micellar Waters are such a fantastic way to accomplish that. Being around the beauty community as much as I am, and reading as many reviews as I do, I think it's safe to say that we all went more than a little crazy for Bioderma. The worst thing about Bioderma was that it wasn't available here, we had to order off eBay paying extortionate prices for the product itself and shipping, or if you were lucky get a friend to pick it up in France. No one really wants that hassle, and whats more, if you can get an alternative that's just as good if not a little better, has an infinitely more reasonable price tag and is available in chemists or online to be delivered straight to your door, why wouldn't you give it a go?

Totally incredible and totally affordable, I give you the bright and beautiful range of Ziaja Micellar Waters. As I mentioned above, I have been looking for an alternative to Bioderma for the longest time. Ever since I gave my last 500ml bottle to my dear friend Sarah in exchange for a fabulous Owl Scentsy Burner (totally worth the trade by the way) I have been trialing different cleansing waters non stop, but was left unimpressed by what was on offer. So, when I found out what Ziaja had to offer by way of Micellar Waters, I knew I'd have to give them a try, lets have a closer look, shall we?

Ziaja Jasmine Micellar Water is packed full of fantastic ingredients to help your skin look and feel its best after cleansing. With Jasmine Oil used to cleanse the face of its impurities and also balance the skin, Pro Vitamin B5 to promote healing and new skin cells to consistently regenerate, and Hyaluronic Acid to play a critical role in in our skins health with its unique ability to lock in moisture. A product that not only is hugely beneficial to your skin but also removes every last bit of makeup without leaving your skin feeling stripped or dry.

Ziaja Natural Olive Micellar Water with its main ingredient of Olive Oil, which should really become a staple in your beauty regime in some form, it holds an incredible amount of benefits for your skin. Rich in Vitamin E, it helps to keep your skin looking and feeling supple and it can even help to calm any skin irritations you may have. It also helps to plump and moisturise the skin with its combination of Vitamin A & E, really making this Micellar Water something special. Again, after use, this leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated, a total winner in my book.

Ziaja Rose Butter Micellar Water has to be one of my favourites. The many benefits of Rose Butter include minimising the appearance of acne scarring, it helps to moisturise dry, chapped skin and lock in moisture, the perfect companion for the cold Winter ahead! It's also an excellent toner due to its antibacterial properties, and finally it's also an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C which helps to repair discoloured skin. I guess really what I'm trying to tell you here is that I consider this a little bottle of wonder!

Ziaja marine Algae Micellar Water is definitely worth a look in my opinion. Marine Algae has many highly effective ingredients. It firms, lifts and hydrates the skin on contact. The secret to Marine Algae being so densely packed with vitamins and minerals is the fact that they are permanently submerged under sea water, which is itself is mineral and nutrient rich. Algae is also rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A, and Amino Acids, it also helps to maintain collagens, helping to make the skin soft, supple and wrinkle reduced! I cant recommend this enough!

So, my final thoughts on Ziaja's range of Micellar Waters? Amazing products! Stop buying your Bioderma now and switch to these, because honestly, for products that range between €4.49 and €5.99 you really cant go wrong. I just love these, I highly recommend you give them a try, I can guarantee you wont be disappointed!

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  1. Never tried this product but definitely tempted; they sound fab. Would love to try the Ziaja marine Algae Micellar Water. Thanks for sharing :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. They are fab, you'll love them! Treat yourself :) x

  2. I never ever heard of this brand before and these sound wonderful. I will have to look into stealing some from you!!! xxx

    1. Absolutely! I'll sort you out dearest ;) xx

  3. Wow these are such a bargain I'm def going to try that rose butter one. I don't get along with the loreal Micellar water but I do like the la Roche Posay one but it's a bit pricier.