Friday, 4 May 2012

OPI Holland Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Hello Ladies,

I hope this post finds you all well! If you don't already know this, I am a nail polish junkie. I sometimes feel that nail polish is to me, what shoe's are to one Carrie Bradshaw. My two favourite brands are China Glaze and OPI, if I had to choose it would be OPI all the way.

For those of you who don't already know OPI kind of have a running theme of taking countries at random and naming their collections after them. Last years collection was the 'Touring America' collection. This year it is Holland. One thing i adore about OPI is the names of all the colours. If i could have any job in the whole world... It would be choosing names for the OPI polishes!

This year there are 12 colours to choose from! I have 11 out of 12 colours. 'Pedal faster Suzi' was sold out unfortunately but the lovely Laura from @fatshopaholic on Twitter and the same YouTube channel kindly sent me a picture of her nails painted in the above mentioned colour for you all to see!

Left to right: Red Lights ahead...Where?, A Roll in the Hague, Kiss me on my Tulips, Dutch 'ya just love OPI?, I have a Herring Problem, I Don't give a Rotterdam!, Thanks a WindMillion, Wooden Shoe like to Know?, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes, Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?, and Vampsterdam.

This is Red Lights ahead... Where? This is an orange based red, almost a coral colour. This has no shimmer at all, I think this is going to be a popular shade this Spring/Summer.

This is A Roll in the Hague, I love this colour! It's almost a traffic cone orange, it's very creamy to apply and dries almost neon.

This little beauty is Kiss me on my Tulips. This is another shimmer less creme formula its a lovely hot pink with blue undertones.

Thanks a WindMillion. See what I mean about the names? I had a feeling I had seen this colour before and I was right. It's very reminiscent of Mermaids Tears from The Pirates of the Caribbean collection. It's not entirely similar this is more of a muted green creme.

Wooden Shoe like to know? I really like this colour, it reminds me of Get in the Espresso Lane from the Touring America Collection last year. This is just a shade or two lighter. This is a beautiful chocolate brown with pinky/gold duo chrome shimmer.

This is Vampsterdam. A hard colour to pin down, a deep Burgundy wine. Very nice.

I have a Herring Problem. This is a dusty blue green with gold shimmer. It is one of two very similar colours in this collection.

This is Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. This is a dirty rose brown colour, with a minimal amount of orangey gold shimmer which is very very subtle.

Dutch ya just love OPI?. Yes, Yes I do! This is one of my favourites its a plum purple with the most beautiful red/gold duo chrome shimmer particles.

Did you 'ear about Van Gogh?. When I first saw this in the bottle I thought 'meh' This is probably one of those colours that wont suit my skin tone, and I'll end up getting no wear out of. I couldn't have been more wrong! I adore this colour... It's like nothing else in my entire collection. Its a creamy nude beige and I love it!

I don't give a Rotterdam!. This is the colour I was talking about that is very similar to I have a Herring Problem. The only real difference with this one is more of a periwinkle blue (mimics Brad Pitt in Snatch 'periwinkle blue boys' The glitter in this is gold and silver.

This is Pedal faster Suzi. This is not my hand. The picture is courtesy of the lovely Laura. From what i can see, it looks like a light pink with silver shimmer. When it does come back in stock I will update this post. Thank you Laura!

So that was it for this post. All polishes were purchased from me at Beauty Emporium from the lovely Stephanie who is an absolute sweetheart. you can find her website here Thank you Steph!

That's it for now.
Hope you enjoyed, let me know what your favourite polishes are!
See you all next time.
Aundrea xoxo


  1. I've been admiring Dutch Ya Just Love OPI for absolutely ages, it looks gorgeous! x

    1. It's really lovely under the light :) x

  2. Bloody love OPI! I am SO SO SO SO jealous of you! I only have about 5 OPI in my whole collection :-(

    1. I think I'm closing in on 100 bottles lol :S I'm sure you'd have the same if you could wear nail posh for work ;)

  3. My fav nail polish is Zoya. I love OPI but I really disagree about the names. I love the colour in this collect I have a Herring Problem but I hate that name. Why oh why would you call a nail polish I have a Herring Problem? What colour springs to mind when you think about herring problems? It my just be me. Prob is, I am weird like that. xx

    1. You're nit the first to say it. I really do love them though, they make me smile lol! Easily amused ;) xx

  4. Great collection! beautiful colours!
    Love your blog now following!

  5. I am useless at painting my nails no matter how hard I practice and I have such a bad yucky habbit of biting them. Gross I know but I bought stuff to stop nail biting and it worked but I stopped using it when it ran out I must get it again and have nice long nails again x

  6. WOW great collection, I love nail polish too but I havent started collecting OPI as yet.... Love your blog just started following :-)