Thursday, 3 May 2012

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

Hey Ladies,

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So let's jump straight into tonight's post about my Top MAC Lipsticks.

There are 9 out of the 10 that are part of the permanent line. I really like MAC lipsticks, I like the option of having different finishes to choose from. I have a rather shameful amount of MAC lipsticks in my collection. Do I really need them all? No of course not, but they are fun to have!

Left to Right: All Styled Up, Eden Rocks, and Girl about Town

All Styled Up is a Creamsheen formula, very moisturising and pigmented. This is an almost Barbie pink.
Eden Rocks is a Frost it is a deep pink lavender, really beautiful.
Girl About Town is an Amplified, which means it is super pigmented. It is a fuchsia pink with blue undertones.

Hue, Fashion Mews and Shy Girl.

Hue is a Glaze, I really love this colour its a beautiful pinky nude with a creamy finish.
Fashion Mews is limited edition but its so pretty, it is a Glaze also, its a lavender colour with creamy finish.
Shy Girl is a Creamsheen, it is a beautiful coral neutral with beige undertone, perfect for Spring/Summer.

Hot Gossip. Snob, Madly Creative, and Media.

Hot Gossip is a Creamsheen, it is a plum tinted pink that applies quite opaque.
Snob is a Satin finish, it is a cool toned grey pink that applies like a dream but can be a little drying.
Madly Creative is a Frost, it is a rosey brown toned pink that gives the perfect amount of shimmer.
Media is a Satin, it's a dark sultry wine red... absolutely stunning!

So that's it lovlies, I really hope you enjoyed!
Let me know what your favourites are!
Thanks for reading & I will see you all soon.

Aundrea xoxo


  1. Anonymous04 May, 2012

    I'm seriously jealous of your lipstick collection, all of them look gorgeous!

    1. The shameful thing is thats not even a quarter of my MAC lipsticks, I bought tonnes when I was training for makeup artistry, now they all sit there laughing at me lol! x

  2. I need to get Girl about town, it is such a gorgeous colour. great post lovely. x

    1. It is amazing... I cant imagine it looking bad on anyone, its such a flattering colour! I have a backup if you would like it :) x

  3. Very jealous of your collection! 'Angel' is my absolute favourite Mac lippie :) x

  4. WOW I dont even own one MAC lipstick. I must try one when I have an extra bit of money. I really like the look of hue and fashion mews from your swatches. x