Monday, 14 October 2013

Halloween Trick or Treats with Lush

Hello Ladies!

I hope you are all well. With that time of year fast approaching, Halloween is just around the corner! Lush have once again spoiled us with their spooky range of bath products! Last year the stand out product for me was 'The Enchanter' bath ballistic, and I have to admit, I was more that a little disappointed that it wasn't part of the collection this year, I was addicted! There may or may not have been a phone call to Lush to put aside 20 or so to help feed my addiction... But onward and upward, as this years collection holds some real gems!

This collection is the perfect mix of trick or treats! The Sootball, Lord of Misrule and Pumpkin Bubble Bar are all perfect little bath time offerings for Halloween festivities!

First up is The Soot Ball Bath Ballistic. Don't let this little guy fool you, it may start off turning the water black, but it quickly turns to a beautiful gold lustre! The Soot Ball, is scented with Tonka, Frankincense, burnt caramel and a touch of sandalwood to give it a more grown up feel. Don't forget to remove his eyes before you drop him in, otherwise you'll have a pair of eyes getting a free peek while you're relaxing!

The Lord of Misrule, is a little wonder and my favourite from the collection! Although the exterior is green, once in the bath, it turns from pink to a gorgeous deep wine colour, scented with vanilla absolute, patchouli, and black pepper, it leaves you feeling like you're radiating warmth from within, and totally relaxed, just incredible!


The Pumpkin Bubble Bar is as cute as a button, its almost a shame to crush it under running water! The sweet scented bubble bath this gives you is due to the lovely scent of ylang ylang, and orange flower absolute! It is a really great sent, almost soothing. I can see this working on a cold evening, to sooth away the winter blues!

That's it for now ladies!
I hope you enjoyed!
Will you be picking up anything from this collection?!
As always let me know below!
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  1. I so nervous when it come to trying lush as my skin is really sensitive. I'd be afraid I'd get a bad reaction. They look cool. Plus I don't have a bath tub.