Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Max Factor vs. Covergirl Mascara - Is There Really a Difference?

Hello Ladies,

I hope you're all well. Today I thought I'd ask the age old question that plagues beauty addicts across the country, and pond. Max Factor vs Covergirl Mascaras, are the products the same? Aren't they just owned by sister companies? Same product, just packaged differently and renamed?! Watching YouTube as much as I do and having friends in the U.S. I tend to hear big things when new Covergirl products are launched, especially when it comes to mascara's. Now I have always said that my favourite affordable brand for mascara is Max Factor, you really cannot go wrong with their mascara, they're fantastic. Recently I did a swap with a good friend of mine in America and requested 2 Covergirl Mascara's to do this comparison post and find out once and for all, 'are we missing out?'.

It's common knowledge in the beauty community that we always want what we cant have. Countless brands in America that we just cannot get here and vice versa. When I first heard about Covergirls 'Clump Crusher' mascara, the reviews were epic, I had to have it. Then I spotted Max Factors 'Clump Defy', likewise with LashBlast/False Lash Effect. So, lets have a look and see, if there really is a difference.

Clump Defy vs. Clump Crusher: Straight away you can spot the similarities, the wand, the packaging, the scent (yes, I smell my mascaras). The only difference apparent to me is the choice of colour for the packaging. Bright green for C.G and burgundy for MF. Both formula's are excellent, which is what I have come to expect from MaxFactor, and now CoverGirl. Both lengthen, separate, and coat the lashes completely clump free. In my opinion, apart from the obvious packaging differences, these two are exactly the same product.

False Lash Effect 24 vs. LashBlast Volume: Again obvious similarities. Bright orange for CG, and black for MF. The wands are exactly the same, they apply very well with little to no clumping, again they smell the same, and both give my lashes good length. Both formula's were excellent again and easy to work with, which is always a plus on my part. They're both 13.1ml and have a 6 month shelf life, just another comparison to note.

My final thoughts? Well, these are indeed the same mascaras, just packaged a little differently. So, rest easy on whatever side of the Atlantic you hail from knowing that we're not missing out on anything here. If I had to choose a winner? Max Factor of course! It's so widely available here, and to be honest I think the packaging is a little less obnoxious. I don't really have anything else to add other than I hope this helped to ease your want and need for CoverGirl here, and MaxFactor if you're in America. If nothing else, you'll sleep a little easier knowing you're not missing out.


  1. Thank you for this post!
    I watch a lot of Youtube videos of amercans Youtubers and when they mention a Covergirl mascara I always become sad! Cause I live in Italy and there's no way I can buy one of Covergirl mascaras! But I was (almost sure) that Covergirl and Maxfactor were almost the same brand with a different name!

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  3. Hey, I live in the states. I can always send you one if you want to try one :)