Monday, 21 October 2013

Luxury Yule Indulgence with YON-KA

Hey Ladies, 

I hope you are all well! Some of you may think it's too early to mention the 'C' word, but in terms of Christmas shopping it's never too early to start. So as a special treat today, I have one or two pieces from the YON-KA Christmas Collection to show you! By now, you are all more than aware of my absolute obsession with all things YON-KA. I adore the brand and honestly cannot speak highly enough of it, so when I saw what they had on offer for Christmas, packaged beautifully, in a way that only YON-KA can, I knew I would have to share it with you.

Today we'll be looking at the Softness & Vitality pouches, with the brand new Neroli Massage Oil Candle, lets have a little look shall we?

The Neroli Massage Oil Candle, one word... Perfection. When I first opened the box I wasn't really sure what to expect with this, I mean obviously I knew it was Neroli, but would it have more depth to it than that? First of all Neroli oil has anti-depressant properties which drives away sadness and invokes a feeling of joy, uplifting your general mood. It's also a tonic which works to safeguard all aspects of good health, but it's most popular property is it's ability to care for the skin. The scent is beautiful, not overpowering of cloying, just delicate and soothing. You can use this on yourself or your significant other to beat the Winter blues. The little spout gives you control over how much you use at any given time, it leaves the skin feeling nourished and smelling divine! 

The Vitality Kit comes in a beautiful pouch, perfect for travel, or for use as a makeup bag. It contains YON-KA's Phyto 58 and Pamplemousse, with a sample size of the Masque No. 1. Phyto 58 is an ultra penetrating phyto-aromatic formula that offers protection against free radicals and oxygenates the skin, it works to erase signs of fatigue, clarify, de-stress and purify the complexion and restore a glow to the skin! Perfect for the party season! Pamplemousse protects from environmental aggression and helps regulate the skins moisture level, and the fruit extract works to tighten pores. A perfect addition to keep your skin happy and healthy this Winter.

The Absolute Softness Set again comes with a beautiful pouch, the Lait Corps Body Creme and Nutri Protect Hand Cream. This is a great little gift to look after your body and hands, things we often tend to neglect during the colder months. The Lait Corps which you can read a full review on here is perfect for keeping the skin hydrated and nourished, it smells beautiful and it really doesn't feel like a chore to apply, you really feel like you are doing your skin some good with this. The Nutri Protect Hand Creme is another winner in my book, you can check this out here if you want a more in depth look.I carry this everywhere with me, its a staple in my routine, it really is vital in my opinion that you look after your hands all year around, not just in Winter as your hands are one of the first areas to show signs of ageing!

I think these gift sets are ideal for even the most hard to impress recipients on your Christmas gift list, YON-KA have something for everyone this year and I am in love with all of them, you really cant go wrong with these. I know I will be stocking up on a few of these for the Aunts, friends and mother in law. They have the wow factor, and are sure not to disappoint!

That's it for now ladies,
I hope you enjoyed!
What are your thoughts on these Christmas offerings?
Has anything caught your eye?
Whats on your Christmas list?
As always, let me know below,
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  1. I want them All! Especially the candle!

    1. The sets are beautiful, aren't they? And the candle is gorgeous :) x

  2. This all sounds amazing! Want the candle!!

    1. It's gorgeous! I'm so in love :) x