Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cocoa Brown 'Meet the Family' & Luxury Gift Set

Hey Ladies,

I hope you are all well! Now you all know that I am a huge fan of the Cocoa Brown range from Marissa Carter. I first fell in love with Cocoa Brown when it was released around this time last year. I still cannot believe that CB is one year old! How far its come and how popular it has become, which really is no surprise to anyone who loves the brand! From Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan, to the newest addition of the scrumptious Chocolate Whip Body Moisturiser, Cocoa Brown has given us an incredible family of products to suit all our tanning needs!

The entire Cocoa Brown Range has something for everyone, and looks after every aspect of maintaining your tan, which is not only unique, but also fantastic! The range offers the original 1 Hour Tan, Night & Day Tan, Tough Stuff, Chocolate Whip Body Moisturiser and Tanning Mitt.

These two beautiful tans are the Holy Grail products of my tanning regime first we have Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan, you can read an in depth full review here, I cannot count the amount of tan-phobes I have converted by recommending CB, and who now, would never use anything else! The Cocoa Brown Night & Day Tan is perfect for those of you who need that perfectly developed tan in a hurry! You can read a full review of this wonder product here. Whether it's longevity you need or a perfectly developed tan in a rush, Cocoa Brown have you covered!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff is an absolute must have product in my opinion, even if you don't tan I think that this product would be perfect for you! This is incredible for removing stubborn old tan, for preparing the skin for that new layer of tan, or just fantastic as an exfoliating body treatment! It is scented beautifully and is the most stunning pink colour, perfect to indulge your inner pink obsession, because lets face it, we all have it ladies!

Chocolate Whip is the newest addition to the Cocoa Brown family and isn't it just a beauty?! Smelling as edible as it sounds Chocolate Whip is designed to make your flawless Cocoa Brown Tan last longer and fade flawlessly, it is an oil free body moisturiser, with Vitamin E and Panthenol. The Vitamin E helps to lock in moisture, help with the appearance of scars and stretch marks and helps keep the skin soft and supple! Panthenol is fantastic for creating a barrier against everyday environmental damage, and prevents the skin from become dehydrated, an added bonus as we enter the colder months. So in short, Chocolate Whip is choc (see what I did there?!) full of goodness to help keep your skin in tip top condition all year around!

And now, for the star of the show... the MOTHER of all gift sets, I give you the Cocoa Brown Luxury Gift Set! Containing 3 full size products and a tanning mitt, for the unbelievable price of €19.99! This will be available exclusively in Tesco stores from the end of November! These are sure to sell out as soon as they hit the shelves. Containing Chocolate Whip, Tough Stuff, and 1 Hour Tan, this is sure to be the perfect gift for any Cocoa Brown fan, as a stocking filler, for someone who is just starting to experiment with tanning or lets face it, for yourself! A little self gifting never hurt anyone, right?!

I am so in love with this gift set and with the entire Cocoa Brown range. Marissa really has created a line of pure perfection here, and only that I myself have been converted from someone who never wore tan, to someone who squeels with delight at the very mention of a new product release from the line, I would never have believed that self tanning would become an area of the beauty industry that I would become so obsessed with! Be sure to keep an eye out for these ladies, they are bound to snapped up quickly!

That's it for now ladies,
I hope you enjoyed!
What are your favourite Cocoa Brown products?
Will you be purchasing the Luxury Gift Set?
As always let me know below!
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  1. Dying to pick up a tube of the Tough Stuff

    1. It's amazing! I use it nightly in my manicure routine ;)

  2. its cute. Pictures standard are also lovely.

    Best Regards
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    1. They're fab products! Thank you :) x

  3. nice products i use these products in my beauty parlor.