Thursday, 13 June 2013

CocoaBrown Night & Day

Hey Ladies,

I hope you're all well, I'm so excited to share a first look at Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter's newest epic offering of tan Night & Day Tan Mousse. I am a huge Cocoa Brown fan, so when I found out there was a new product in the pipeline I was more excited than I have ever been about a self tanning product. I was never a big tan person... Until I met Cocoa Brown, it changed everything for me. So, it has finally arrived, the newest addition to the Cocoa Brown family and the new love of my life 'Night & Day'. Let's have a look, shall we?

Here she is... and isn't she a beauty?! First up lets talk about the packaging. Incredible. One of the things I loved about the original CB was the colour, how it looked so feminine and pretty, basically something you would be proud to show off on your dressing table. The new packaging as you can see, is just as pretty. Half pink, half white to indicate this is your night and day tan. 'Dark by night, light by day'. Marissa's beautiful 'Cocoa Brown' logo still sitting pretty on the bottle only this time it reflects the half and half effect for the night and day, which I love. Just like its big sister, CB Night & Day is something any girl would be proud to have on show on her vanity table, mine would be there, except my mother has run off with it and is applying it as I type, shouting things like 'Oh it's loooooovely isn't it?!'.

Ok, so what's the difference between 'Night & Day' and the original Cocoa Brown tan, I hear you ask? Well, Marissa explained that there were some ladies who wanted a dark tan straight away, and didn't really want to wait the three hours for development time. They were looking for straight up dark after application and you can just pop your clothes on and run out the door. So, that's what this is, the beauty of this tan is that after your night out, when you step into the shower the next morning, you're not left with a streaky mess, you're not all patchy, what you are left with is a beautiful subtle glow to hide the sins of the night before that  usually include grey, tired looking skin. Cocoa Brown 'Night & Day' saves you the trouble of lets face it, probably not looking your finest the morning after... we're all friends here, we can talk about it! I applied it last night... there were cocktails involved (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES) although I didn't realise the research would become part of it until the cocktails were consumed. I was astounded by the colour. I found it, beautiful. No, really. You know the people with just gorgeous sallow skin, who us pale girls secretly hate?! Like that, just gorgeous, full, radiant looking skin... I didn't want to take my shower this morning! But, alas, no one likes smelly girls. The tan didn't fade fully after the shower, I was left with an even, beautiful sun kissed glow.

I was very brave and even decided to add a small amount to my face. It wasn't the nightmare I had expected, in fact; I freakin love it! I will have pictures below, but honestly, I just want to straight up gush about the general fantasticness of Marissa and her Cocoa Brown. Seriously, you're looking at a girl who 6 months ago couldn't stand false tan. I hated everything about it, the effort, the smell, the aftermath of application like stained clothes, smelly biscuit/curry clothes. I really just didn't like tan. Marissa has created something truly beautiful here, something I love, something I look forward to applying, and believe it or not, something I love sharing with people. Friends, family, neighbours, strangers in chemists, my daughters teacher... I cant share the word or the love for this product enough. What really speaks volumes is that people who come back to me, say they've told their friends, and someone told me a bride did her own tan for her wedding day because she loved Cocoa Brown so much. How amazing is that?! Some day, not to far from here Cocoa Brown will become a global brand. I have no doubt of that. The following it has gained in such a short period of time,is amazing, the world is missing out!

I cant say enough good things about the new addition to the Cocoa Brown family, it's a beautiful product, Marissa has created an amazing range with Cocoa Brown, I'm so happy for her and can only wish her all the love and success she truly deserves with the new 'Night & Day' tan. It's fantastic and I really recommend you go get your hands on it once it becomes available. It wont disappoint, I promise!

So, that's it for now ladies,
I hope you enjoyed!
What are your thoughts?!
Are you excited for the new Night & Day?
As always, let me know below
Until next time

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