Thursday, 13 June 2013

Urban Decay - Oz Palettes

Hey ladies,

I hope you're all well. I have decided to share a little secret with you, I've become addicted to the two palettes I am about to show you, a day hasn't gone by the past few weeks where I haven't reached for these. The Urban Decay 'Oz the Great and Powerful' palettes in Theodora and Glinda have completely blown all my other eye shadows be it single or palettes, out of the water. I am just in love with these!

Let's start with Theodora. I was more than a little biased when it came to choosing a favourite, the main reason for choosing Theodora was because Mila Kunis plays the role of the witch. Now, I know I'm not alone in saying I have a total crush on Mila, and knowing that this palette was designed around her look just made me love it all the more!

The palette contains 4 full sized shades and 2 full sized split shades. Broken - a pale cream. Beware - matte warm brown. Bewitched - a charcoal brown. West - a deep metallic brown with shimmer. Spell - black with green and gold shimmer and gold metallic. Jealous - dark forest green and a paler green pearl. It also includes a 24/7 liner in Zero. The formulation of this palette is what you would come to expect from Urban Decay. Pure perfection. The shades are creamy, fantastically pigmented and as always highly blendable. The colours included are extremely versatile, there are so many looks you can achieve with this palette, I just love it. The shades have great longevity, day to night using my primer potion, but I have also road tested these shadows without the primer and I find they last about 8 hours before they start to fade.

Theodora Palette - Urban Decay

Next up is Glinda the good! The Glinda palette is beautiful, the colours are just so pretty and feminine. The part of Glinda is played by Michelle Williams in the movie. This palette represents the beauty and femininity of Glinda, any fans of the new or original Oz will love this collection of shades. I think as kids we all liked to pretend we were the good witch of the south (my brother was always the flying monkey).

Like the Theodora palette, Glinda contains 4 full sized shadows with 2 full sized split shades. Tornado - a highly pigmented deep purple shimmer. Aura - an iridescent white with a gold shimmer and an iridescent white with blue shimmer. Magic - an almost pastel pink with golden shimmer. Illusion - a pale peach satin. Oz - a dirty gold with silver shimmer and a blue toned silver with silver glitter. South - a pale taupey silver with micro glitter. The palette also comes with 24/7 liner in Rockstar. Again the pigmentation and blendability of the shadow is just second to none. Urban Decay have always been my go to shadow of choice for the simple reason that no matter if its a single shadow or a palette the texture, pigmentation, transfer to the eye and wear time of the shadows just cannot be beaten.

Glinda Palette - Urban Decay

The palettes also come with an Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour, one for each palette 'Glinda' a gorgeous nude and 'Theodora' a stunning deep red cream. Both of these are a pleasure to use, they're moisturising on the lips and application is flawless.

So, my final thoughts on the Oz Palettes from Urban Decay? I adore them. I really do. I think if you're still in two minds about them you need to go to your nearest counter and swatch these. I can promise you, you'll have an overwhelming urge to pick up one if not both of these. They are perfect in every way. I have gotten so much use out of these, and I will continue to use these... somehow, I cant see these little palettes losing their magic for me, maybe they might cast a little spell on you too? (see what I did there?! No? I'll get me coat...).

That's it for now ladies,
I hope you enjoyed!
What are your thoughts on the Urban Decay Oz Palettes?
Will you be purchasing?
What are your thoughts if you have one already?
As always, let me know below.
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  1. Ive the glinda palette. I bought it out of impluse really because it was new from UD and I had money LOL. But sadly I havent used it only swatched it. I will have to make it my priority to get some use out of it x