Thursday, 13 June 2013

Skincare Indulgence with YON-KA

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are all well, I have been more than a little obsessed with the brand I'll be talking to you about today. Ever since I purchased my Clarisonic, my enjoyment and love of skincare (yes, you read that right) has gone through the roof. Now that I have a better surface to work with, my skin seem to be loving my skincare products, and not only that but I'm feeling the benefits of these particular products on a level that I never have before, and I'm not going to lie, I'm excited. The brand in question? YON-KA.

I'm big on first impressions, and when I opened the box that these arrived in, the first thing I was greeted with was the most beautiful, aromatic scent, the packaging and fragrance literally had me at hello. YON-KA is brand that I have always had my eye on, it's just so luxurious and really, who wouldn't want to pamper themselves with these amazing products? The first of the two kits I was sent was the 'Hydration Kit', the second was the 'Vitality Kit'. The fantastic thing about these kits is that they are 21 Day Trial Kits, but they're also perfect for travelling. Now it says 21 days but I've been using these about a month and I have barely made a dent in them.

The Hydration Kit comes with a 75ml Cleansing lotion for the face and eyes, a 50ml Invigorating Toner, and a 15ml Creme 28 Hydrating moisturiser.The cleanser smells amazing, its a very thick lotion, and you only need about a euro size to cover your entire face and neck. It's beautiful, now I use this with my Clarisonic, and it does the job perfectly, it leaves my face feeling clean, soft and subtle. As I said above I have had this for about a month and with daily use I still have about three quarters of the bottle left. Amazing! The star of both kits for me has to be the Invigorating Toner Mist. If you have ever been for a luxury facial, where you come out feeling relaxed and pampered from the aromatherapy oils used, this is like that, in a spray. I have never had a toner that I just adore using. This smells sensational, the blend of oils and the general scent of it would sent you into a blissful sleep, its just.... to die for. The Creme 28 Hydrating Moisturiser is really lovely, it's luxurious and creamy and as with the others, you really feel like you're pampering your skin. The entire range really is just pure indulgence.

The Vitality Kit is perfect for normal to oily skin. I did give these a good try during our brief spell of good weather as whenever it is unnaturally hot here in Ireland, my normally dry/dehydrated skin seems to turn oily in my t-zone. The difference in the Cleanser in this kit aside from the fact that its targeted at oily skin is the fact that instead of being a cream cleanser its gel. Now, I have heard mixed reports about gel cleansers, that even with oily skin, they can dry out the area. I didn't find that with the cleansing gel, it controlled the oil without drying out my already dehydrated skin. Like all the other YON-KA products it smells fantastic. The toner as I mentioned before, smells absolutely incredible, one thing I love doing is spraying a few pumps of this into clean hands and taking a few deep breaths and then patting this all over my face. It's so good! YON-KA  need to make a candle of this scent, when you smell it, I know you'll agree! The moisturiser that accompanies this kit is the Vital Defence which is an antioxidant cream, which is just as nice as the Creme 28, but I just find that Creme 28 is more suited to my skin needs. I will keep this for travel, and weekends away, I think it will be perfect for that.

Last but by no means least is the incredible Quintessence Aromatic Candle, now I am a candle freak. I just adore them, I buy at least a candle a week and this has been a firm favourite of mine for the past month, the scent is hard to pin down. Now I have perused a few websites trying to find scent descriptions to give you a better idea of what it smells like, and a lot say its like spraying the toner, but I don't think so. When you first open it, a scent very similar to Arnica hits you, but when it's lit, the scent changes completely. There is a definite scent of lavender, geranium, rosemary and thyme. It's packed full of essential oils, and it has a great scent throw which is something I look for in a candle. The combination of essential oils make it a truly beautiful, invigorating scent, perfect for any room in your house, although I tend to favour it in my bedroom, as a little bit of a luxury treat!

So that's it for now ladies,
I hope you enjoyed!
What are your thoughts on the YON-KA range?
Has anything caught your eye?
As always, let me know below!
Until next time


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