Thursday, 13 June 2013

La Vie est Belle - Lancome

Hey Ladies!

I have a treat for you today! I was invited to discover Lancôme's new feminine fragrance 'La Vie est Belle' in the presence of the lovely Anne Flipo, fine fragrance perfumer. The birth of Lancôme arose from the dream of an exceptional man with a love for women and French elegance. Armand Petitjean perfumer and cosmetician devoted his life to the dream of giving women the most beautiful things possible. So it comes as no surprise to me, that Lancôme's latest offering 'La Vie est Belle' which in literal translation means 'The beautiful life' proclaims everything I have come to expect from a Lancôme fragrance.

La Vie est Belle was created by the combined talent of three French masters of perfumery Oliver Polge, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. Their aim was to create the first ever feminine tasty iris, a fragrance set somewhere between shadow and light. The notes of this fragrance are, iris, tonka bean, blackcurrant, orange blossom, patchouli, praline and jasmine. Pretty incredible. To me the notes of praline, jasmine and patchouli stand out the most. It is a very sensual perfume. This fragrance pulls you in, it's captivating. I am not kidding when I say a little of this goes a long way, I sprayed it on my wrist at 8pm last night and it was still there this morning. I have NEVER had a fragrance with staying power like this. I think this is thanks, in large part to the fact that it contains almost 50% natural ingredients, a proportion so huge it is scarcely attempted in perfumery nowadays, making this without a doubt Lancôme's most exceptional fragrance yet.

In 1949 Lancôme's founder Armand Petitjean challenged his artistic director to create a bottle that would symbolise the aura of women with that indefinable 'je ne sais quoi'. After many, many sketches George Delhomme finally captured the essence of happiness: the grace of a smile somehow cut into glass. The design would remain in Lancôme's archives for 63 years simply entitled 'Le sourire de cristal' (The crystal smile). Over half a century later we see it come to life in the form of  'La Vie est Belle' the finishing touch to the revered vessel is the most beautiful pearlescent grey organza ribbon tied around it's neck, like a dainty little neck scarf symbolising twin wings of freedom, which I feel is incredibly appropriate as the bottle has been waiting 63 years to reveal itself.

I think this fragrance is one of the most beautiful scents I have come across in a long time, the wear time is nothing short of incredible. It is very distinctive, I have not come across a fragrance like it before, and this coming from someone with well over 50 bottles of perfume is saying something. I wore it today and yesterday and received a multitude of compliments. I can't compare it to anything else Lancôme has released fragrance wise, this one stands out from the pack, it's deeply sensual and mysterious, and incredibly alluring. I am really impressed with what this fragrance has to offer.

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I hope you enjoyed...
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La Vie est Belle (EDP), will be available as part of a worldwide exclusive from Brown Thomas on August 1st and from Lancôme counters nationwide from September 1st.

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