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NIMA Brush - Rose Gold Collection

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I hope you are all well, I'm so excited to share this post with you! Back in December at our Irish Blogger Meet up we had the privilege of meeting Niamh Martin from Nima Brush. After a great demo during which Niamh gave a mini makeover to one of my fellow bloggers Sarah, she let slip that there would be a collection of her brushes released in Rose Gold. That was it, it was all over for me. I am a rose gold JUNKIE. Watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, you name it I have it. Rose gold brushes?! What girl could resist? I went ahead with the entire Elite Collection knowing full well if I only got one or two sets I'd regret it. The two sets I'm going to show you today are the 'Elite 3 piece kabuki' and the 'Elite 3 piece duo fibre'. Lets have a little look shall we?

This is the 3 piece Kabuki set, she's a beauty isn't she?! First and foremost let me say I cannot find fault with these brushes, they are absolutely stunning. This set includes a flat top kabuki which is perfect for applyling foundation, it buffs the foundation into the skin beautifully. The domed powder brush is perfect for applying powder or blush, I myself prefer it for blush as I'm not a massive powder wearer. It picks up just the right amount of colour and disperses it perfectly over the cheeks. I've also used this for my cream blushes which I generally tend to ignore because I could never find 'the perfect brush' this handles the task brilliantly. I'm reaching for my NARS Penny Lane a lot more now after months of neglect. It's helped me fall in love with my cream products all over again. Last but by no means least we have the angled powder brush. I use this mainly to apply my bronzer as it fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks, it blends the contour out and softens the edges in a way that I've never experienced with any other brush,

Elite Collection Flat Top Kabuki
Elite Collection Angled Kabuki

Elite Collection Domed Powder Kabuki

All the brushes in this set are made from taklon, which make them not only easy to work with but easy to clean, if you wanted me to compare them to something to give you an idea, think Real Techniques, but better. Much better. These brushes are stylish and well made. With the proper care they're guaranteed to give you a lifetime of fun and enjoyment. The rose gold ferrules are just beautiful and are a real eye catcher. But we're not done yet...

This is the large Duo Fibre from the Elite Collection. Now I know you're probably thinking that this looks similar to the MAC 187 right? Well looks, is where the similarity ends. This brush is so soft and so vastly dense that it totally surpasses my MAC 187. This brush I use for my foundation of powder. It does a wonderful job when I feel I need a light dusting of powder, or when I want to have a more natural look with my foundation.

The medium Duo Fibre is equally as impressive, I mainly use this as either a contour brush or for cream cheek products, it's the perfect size for either. The brush itself is just as dense and soft as it's older sister above and it's just a pleasure to use.

The small Duo Fibre brush is perfect for hitting all those hard to reach places. My preference for this brush definitely has to be concealer or highlighter. This makes both tasks easy. There's no obstacles to overcome with these brushes, they're perfect and make any job that needs doing, easy to accomplish.

So, my final thoughts on these first two sets of brushes? It's love. Complete, feel like I've just been knocked over by a truck, love. I cant say one negative thing about them. they are beautiful, practical, and affordable. What girl wouldn't want to add these to their collection? They are incredible. Niamh did an amazing job and really I think the rose gold is just the icing on the cake. Now a little info on the prices!

12 piece professional set inc Cylinder - €105
3 piece Duo Fibre - €35
3 piece Kabuki - €35
5 piece Eye Detail - €25

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